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Bryn Recycling Invest In A Neuenhauser 2F Star Screening Plant

Bryn Recyling, a South Wales company, have recently invested in a new Neuenhauser 2F Tracked Star Screening Plant.

After a very successful rental period, the decision was made to purchase a new unit.

The new purchase is being put to work on the company’s green waste operation and waste wood recycling operation.

This particular unit is fitted with a class leading 22ft x 4ft star screen box. In addition the machine is complimented with an adjustable height screw auger for spreading of the material prior to screening. Other features include extra wide and extra long discharge conveyors and centralised greasing system.

Power is provided by a John Deere diesel/hydraulic powerunit.

If you would like more information on this machine please do not hesitate to contact John O’Neill on Tel: +44 (0) 7766 405688 or

LSS Waste Invest In A Neuenhauser Star Screening Plant

LSS Waste Ltd, a family owned company based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, have recently invested in a Neunhauser Star Screening Plant, supplied by UK dealer Riverside Machinery Ltd.
After a very successful demonstration with a mobile Neuenhauser star screen, the decision was made to purchase a stationary Neuenhauser star screening plant.
The purpose of the plant is to screen shredded wood to -50mm which will in turn be used as biomass fuel.

The stationary plant consists of a Neuenhauser 3512 star screen, transfer conveyor and returns conveyor.

Material is initally fed to the star screen from the companies existing shredder. The star screen removes any the 0-50mm which is stockpiled in a bay below the star screen. The +50mm is then returned to the shredder via conveyors for re-shredding.

Power for the plant is provided by a diesel / hydraulic powerpack.
If you would like to see this unit in operation please do not hestitate to contact John O’Neill on or 07766 405688.

Aber Sand & Gravel Invest In A New Portafill Wash Plant

Aber Sand & Gravel, a family owned company based in the rolling hills of Aberystwyth have taken delivery of a Portafill 3000 Washing Plant.
Supplied by UK dealer Riverside Machinery Ltd, the plant consists of a diesel driven fresh water pump, tracked rinsing screen, sand plant and sand stockpiling conveyor.
Due to the location of the plant being in an area of outstanding natural beauty it was vital the plant was as compact as possible to comply with strict planning rules. With a working height of only 3.5 metres and a working area of 18 metres x 15 metres including stockpiles the Portafill washplant ticked all the boxes.
The plant is currently set-up to produce a -5mm washed concrete sand, 5mm – 15mm washed gravel and a washed oversize. The oversize will be crushed and re-circulated through the system. The water for the plant is provided by an on-site lagoon and waste water is sent to a separate lagoon.
If you would like to see this super piece of kit in action please do not hestiate to contact John O’Neill @ Riverside Machinery Ltd on 0800 689 9024 or 07766 405688

Anglian Land Drainage Invest In A Portafill Washing Plant

Anglian Land Drainage Invest In A Portafill Washing Plant
Anglian Land Drainage, based near Chelmsford, Essex have invested in a new Portafill 3000 Washing Plant from Riverside Machinery Ltd.
The plant consists of a Portafill 3000 Rinser, Portafill DW80 Sand Plant, Sand Stockpiler and Fresh Water Pump.
The plant is being put to use to screen a mixture of materials including recycled material, virgin material and reed bed material.
Depending on the mesh fitted to the rinser, a number of sizes are being produced. These include-5mm, 10mm, 20mm and 40mm.
The plant can produce 2 grades of stone and 1 grade of sand.
Power is supplied by diesel driven engine in the Portafill 3000 Rinser which in turn supplies hydraulic power to the Portafill DW80 Sand Plant.
John O’Neill of Riverside Machinery comments “this is an extremely compact plant which all moves on one load making it very desirable to companies who wish to wash in several locations. In addition due to the footprint, it is ideal for small sites”
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Broster Environmental Invest In A New Neuenhauser Star Screen

Broster Environmental Ltd, a family owned business, have taken delivery of a new Neuenhauser 2F Wheeled Star Screen for their composting operation based in Todmorden, Lancashire.

Supplied by UK dealer Riverside Machinery Ltd the machine is being put to work screening shredded green waste to a -40mm fraction and oversize.

The Neuenhauser 2F Wheeled star screen is fitted with a class leading 7 metre long x 1.2 metre wide star deck. This enables very high production of the material due to the aggressive turning nature of the stars. Other stand out features include the John Deere 4 cylinder engine which returns on average 6 – 8 litres per hour of diesel usage.

John O’Neill of Riverside Machinery comments “this is Broster Environmental’s second star screen and they have proven yet again, that if you want to produce a good quality compost then nothing will touch the throughput, material separation and build quality of a Neuenhauser star screen. Made In Germany. Built To Last”
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Barrett Concrete Ltd Invest In A Portafill Crushing & Screening Plant

Barrett Concrete Ltd, a Northern Ireland based company have recently invested in a complete crushing and screening plant from Portafill International Ltd for the processing of glass bottles and glass panels.
The process starts with a Portafill 7000 Impact Crusher fitted with screen box and re-circulation. Material is fed to the crusher which reduces the material size to 20mm. The +20mm can be re-processed of or stockpiled as this normally contains the aluminium and rubber found around the glass edge.
The -20mm is then sent to a Portafill 5000 screening plant which screens the material at 4mm. The +4mm material can be re-processed via the Portafill 7000 or stockpiled
The end product, -4mm, is being used in multitude of applications. These include sand / grit blasting, block making, and for use as bunker sand on golf courses due to the drainage qualities of crushed glass.
If you would like more information on this interesting application please do not hesitate to call John O’Neill on 07766 405688 at Riverside Machinery Ltd.
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Wheeldon Bros Waste Ltd Invest In A New Neuenhauser Star Screen

Wheeldon Brothers Waste Ltd have recently invested in a Neuenhauser Star Screen from UK Dealer Riverside Machinery Ltd.

The unit is being put to work at their Ramsbottom depot where it is screening shredded waste to produce an SRF product.
The extremely compact unit only measures 4 metres long x 1.8 metres wide, thereby requiring minimum space.
John O’Neill of Riverside Machinery comments “we are delighted to have secured what is the first of several Neuenhauser star screens ordered by Wheeldon Bros. Due to the aggressive screening nature of the stars we are able to produce a very clean product with little or no oversize in the undersize material. Something a flip flow or trommel screen is unable to offer”
“In addition no other screen on the market will offer the same high throughput as a Neuenhauser star screen”
If you would like more information on this fantastic piece of equipment please do not hesitate to contact Riverside Machinery Ltd on +44 (0) 800 689 9024 or
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Cubby Construction Turn Muck Into Gold With Portafill Wash Plant

Cubby Construction Ltd of Carlisle have recently installed a Portafill wash plant from UK dealer Riverside Machinery Ltd.

The plant consists of a Portafill 3000 Tracked Rinsing Plant, Portafill DW80 Dewaterer and Portafill fresh water pump . The water treatment equipment has been provided by Siltbuster.

The plant is processing a mixture of materials which includes utility waste, track ballast and material from road maintenance programs.

The purpose of the plant is to produce a washed 10mm, 20mm and sand. The silt content is sent to the Siltbuster plant where the water is removed via lamella plates and plate press thereby allowing clean water to feed the wash plant.

John O’Neill comments: “this is an extremely compact setup and for a relatively small investment we are providing a working plant which is producing excellent materials from a difficult feedstock”

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Keenan Recycling Ltd Invest In Their 4th Neuenhauser Star Screen

Keenan Recycling Ltd have recently invested in their 4th Neuenhauser Star Screen. The machine supplied by sole UK dealer Riverside Machinery Ltd is being put to work at their New Deer facility, north of Aberdeen.

The Neuenhauser Star Screen will be used to screen both shredded green waste and food waste. When screening the shredded green waste the material will eventually be sold as chemical free compost for farming and gardening use.

In addition the machine will be used to screen the food waste after the aeration process where the material will eventually be used as a soil improver.

The latest Neuehauser Star Screen purchased by Keenan Recycling is fitted with a 6.9m x 1.25m screendeck to produce from 0-15mm up to 0-30mm. In addition power is provided by a JCB 4 cylinder turbo engine.

John O’Neill comments “we are delighted to deliver yet another high quality unit to Grant and the team at Keenan Recycling. We have enjoyed a superb relationship with them since 2008 and look forward to continuing this great relationship. Keenan Recycling have proven yet again that the Neuenhauser Star Screen is thee machine to have for screening organic waste. Nothing will come close in terms of throughput, cost per tonne and reliability”
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Halmerend Minerals In Lo♥e With Their New Portafill 5000 Screener

Riverside Machinery Ltd have recently supplied a new Portafill 5000 screener to Staffordshire based company, Halmerend Minerals.

Halmerend Minerals, a family owned company specialise in producing an aggregate for use in ecohouses and ecobuildings. They also specialise in the drying of sands for industrial use.

Conversations between Riverside Machinery and Halmerend Minerals started after they realised that their exisiting mobile screener was just too big and cumbersome for their yard.

A Portafill 5000 screener was subsquently hired to Halmered Minerals to screen the crushed material from the impact crusher down to a 17mm single sized aggregate.

John O’Neill comments: “from the moment the hire started it was clear to see that the machine would not be leaving. Due to the compact nature of the screener and the high energy efficiency of the screenbox the machine proved night and day between it and the older screener”

The Portafill 5000 is a very compact machine weighing only 14 Tonne. The heart of the machine is the 10ft x 4ft screenbox which is thee most agressive screenbox in the marketplace. Power is provided by a Deutz 2011 engine.

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