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Product details

Neuenhauser star screens are primarily used to process wet and sticky materials such as skip waste, skip fines, compost, soils and wood. The innovative range of mobile star screens can separate material down to 8mm in conditions where traditional trommel or flat screens would blind over within minutes.

The Neuenhauser star screens are available in 2 or 3 way spilt configurations and on wheel or tracks.

User and maintenance features include diesel hydraulic power train, a modular deck that can be removed in 15 mins for maintenance, simple control system, individually replaceable stars and shafts and open chassis design to allow easy access to all components.

The mobile star screen is fitted with a class leading 7m x 1.2m screenbox and can be fitted with stars ranging in size from 170mm diameter to 300mm diameter and can be supplied with self cleaning hammers to preventive build of material around the shafts.

The screenbox sits at an incline angle of 15 degrees to ensure a clean separation of the material being screened. The angle of the screenbox can be is adjusted.

Options such as a wind sifter, tipping and vibrating grids can be added to custom the machines to meet specific customer requirements.

Advantages overview:

  • quickly replaceable screen decks
  • modular design
  • high throughput
  • very easy to maintain
  • short set-up times
  • large material piles from long discharge belts
  • low fuel consumption
  • simple star speed control at the screen deck, to change particle size in seconds
  • easy to operate
  • up to 4 fractions with tipping-/ vibrating grid or wind shifter
  • engine management system

Download data sheet here