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Product details

Nationally and internationally a fixed figure in the compact recycling industry, the CityTrak 7T6 offers the best capabilities for reducing coarse charging material to the desired particle size with low wear.

  • The finest crushed rock mixture possible:
    A 30 mm minimum gap and a 700×500 mm intake opening document the enormous reduction capacity.
  • Trouble-free crushing operation:
    Due to the ideal design of the intake, large chunks of rock can be taken in without becoming clogged. The output does not taper off thanks to an 800 mm wide belt.
  • Loading and unloading with wheel loaders or excavators:
    3.560 mm long, generously dimensioned intake hopper can handle both without any restrictions.
  • The fight against wage costs:
    Light barrier control for manless crushing operations.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the hard stone of Scandinavia or on a recycling mission in Portugal. Based on the CitySkid, the tracked CityTrak 7T6 will captivate you with its simple, robust construction. Just four electric motors and the hydraulic drive are required for the tracks to put the machine into operation – and that after just a few minutes of refitting time. The CityTrak does its duty simply and gratefully. The operator will also be thankful when the rocks to be crushed are too large, yet are still drawn in and transported safely. In case of a problem, it easy to access those critical spots on the CityTrak. An advantage when discharging iron is that the movable swing and the discharging conveyor move in the same discharging direction. Additional electrical power consumers can be connected flexibly using two terminals. The CityTrak 7T6 can also be supplied with power from an external source as well of course as an option. The light barrier controller is delivered as standard equipment for the cost-saving, manless crushing operations.



  • Lenght: 9.900 mm
  • Width: 2.554 mm
  • Height:3.100 mm


  • Lenght:8.550 mm
  • Width:2.554 mm
  • Height:3.100 mm


  • Base machine incl. magnet: 18,500 kg
  • Allowance, side conveyor: 550 kg

Performance data

  • Intake hopper: 3,500 x 2,000mm
  • Intake chute: 3,000 x 650 mm
  • Intake opening: 700 x 500 mm
  • Discharge conveyor: Belt width: 800 mm / Discharge height: 2,800 mm
  • Drive: 100 kVA diesel unit
  • Light barrier controller
  • 2 landing spots


  • Top conveyor magnet
  • Side conveyor
  • Remote radio control
  • Mist for binding dust

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